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Rob Austin McKee, Ph.D.

Professor. Mentor. Rock Climber.

Rob Austin McKee is an Assistant Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the University of Houston–Downtown.

He won the Teaching Excellence Award for the University as well as the College of Business in 2022. 

He earned his Ph.D. and MBA from the University of Houston.


His research interests include decision-making, leadership, personality, and visceral states. His work has appeared in the 

Journal of Management, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, The Leadership Quarterly, Strategic Organization,

Group & Organization Management, Rutgers Business Review, Business Horizonsand a book by Routledge.

He is a former nuclear reactor operator for the United States Navy and an avid rock climber.

Rob helps startups and entrepreneurs craft effective pitches, working with organizations like SXSW, the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, Empowered Women of Purpose, BakerRipley, Ion Houston, Station Houston, and RED Labs/Owl Spark (the University of Houston and Rice University startup accelerator). He also conducts seminars on topics like public speaking, stress, and motivation.  

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Rob works with organizations like:

Rob Austin McKee, Prison Entrepreneurship Program
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For questions and comments, email

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