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By my reckoning, there only are two ways that

Two objects can occupy the same spatial dimensions:

If they are separated, however slightly, by the dimension of time and

If they achieve union.

He and I transposed through the former.

You and I realized the latter.

Now, we have broken the bonds that held us in joyous swirling solution.

We have reassumed our respective atoms.

But I have some subtle sense that,

Through our dissolution,

We exchanged a few of the electrons that forged and held our bond.

Though I cannot yet detect what I have lost,

I feel the ones you left whirling in the matrix of my being.

I lie awake at night calculating their angular momentum.

I pulse in their magnetic moments.

I cherish them.

I fear the ones I left in you

Vibrate at a more melancholic frequency

Than the ones you gifted me.



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