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Rob Austin McKee is available to conduct the following

seminars and workshops in the Houston area.

Public Speaking and Communication


In this session, Rob Austin McKee, Ph.D. illuminates the fundamentals of effective public speaking. The key takeaways include how to harness charisma, employ persuasive tactics, hone body language, and manage stress during public speaking events. Although this talk is especially intended for startups and other companies seeking to improve their pitch deliveries, the information provided would prove valuable to anyone seeking to improve their overall communication skills. The session has an optional workshop during which teams of participants will have the opportunity to practice the skills they just learned by giving short pitches in front of the group.  

  • 75m plus 15m Q&A; Optional workshop: 45-60m

Implicit Bias


In this session, Rob Austin McKee, Ph.D. discusses the concept and consequences of implicit bias. This phenomenon has important implications for all kinds of organizations, from law enforcement and criminal justice to the retail and service sectors. Ultimately, recommendations are provided to help us recognize and deal with our implicit biases.

  • 75m plus 15m Q&A


 Young Woman Contemplating

In this session, Rob Austin McKee, Ph.D. discusses the psychological, neurological, and physiological manifestations and consequences of stress. Ultimately, he prescribes proven techniques to deal with stress and reclaim a sense of control. This talk would be appropriate for a variety of audiences, including traditional employees, emergency responders, and student groups.

  • 75m plus 15m Q&A

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